The Lebowskis Who Might Have Been: Behind The Scenes With The Coens

When I was 25 I got a job with the Coen brothers. I'd worked on three movies as an apprentice film editor and got a gig with them as a personal assistant when they made The Big Lebowski. I was with them for a year, from before pre-production through post-production (when they edited the movie, I transitioned from… »7/23/14 2:52pm7/23/14 2:52pm

He Punches like a Fucking Mule Kick

Here is a good story from "Second Wind: Memoirs of an Opinonated Man," by Bill Russell with the historian Taylor Branch (1979, Random House; currently out-of-print). It’s about Russell’s grandfather and his mule, Kate. Russell’s family was from Monroe, La., and he lived down there until he was about ten (his family… »5/30/13 8:43am5/30/13 8:43am

Gore Vidal's First Love: The Baseball Star Turned War Hero

As of Wednesday morning, administrators at Rock Creek Cemetery in D.C. hadn't heard yet whether Gore Vidal would actually be filling the burial plot he reserved there for himself some years ago. But Vidal, who died yesterday in Los Angeles at 86, has a couple reasons to get shipped back to his boyhood hometown one… »8/02/12 8:15am8/02/12 8:15am

Woman Who Accused the Duke Lacrosse Team Is Writing a Memoir

The memoir, by former exotic dancer Crystal Mangum, is to be entitled: : "The Last Dance for Grace: The Crystal Mangum Story." The book is slated for an October release and she has a co-author »8/22/08 3:30pm8/22/08 3:30pm. Also, a public relations manager. Do you wonder what sorts of life stories a 29 year old has to share other than the time…