Almost Famous: The B+ Adventures Of Robert Christgau

Bob Christgau, the semi-mockingly self-styled Dean of American Rock Critics, diets on Mondays and Tuesdays, so on this particular Monday in December, lunch is just a small to-go bowl of chicken noodle soup from the Polish Deli across the street from his East Village apartment. He eats at his cluttered kitchen table,… »2/23/15 2:08pm2/23/15 2:08pm


Mike Piazza's Book Tour Produced An Excellent Illustration Of The Absurdity Of Steroid Handwringing

Mike Piazza wrote a memoir, and if early releases are any indication, it's mostly about how weird a human being he is. Perhaps because of his eccentric streak, many apparently hoped that the book would be a tell-all about the steroid era, like Jose Canseco's Juiced from someone who isn't (as much of a) national… »2/16/13 11:55am2/16/13 11:55am