Remember When Shitting Birds Got A Kings Of Leon Concert Canceled? 

Let's take a little stroll down memory lane, back to the halcyon summer days of 2010, when Kings of Leon cancelled a show in St. Louis after just five songs because a bird shit in the bassist's mouth. Yes, Jared Followill (seen above, in much happier times) got Hot Carled by a pigeon. » 2/27/15 3:27pm 2/27/15 3:27pm

Throwing Up Dip And Learning About Blowjobs: Deadspin's Notes On Summer…

I went to Camp Deerhorn in Rhinelander, Wis., every summer for the majority of my adolescence. It was an awesome camp. We got to fire guns. We got to shoot arrows. We got to go on horseback rides. (I've never shit my pants with more direct force than the first time I was on a horse and it went from trotting to… » 8/15/12 5:04pm 8/15/12 5:04pm

Appetite For Destruction At 25: Memories From Matt Taibbi, Justine…

Last week, I celebrated the 25th anniversary of Appetite for Destruction by telling the story of the first time I listened to the album. Here's a collection of stories from other writers (and from readers, too) about their experiences with the album. » 7/23/12 3:45pm 7/23/12 3:45pm

Appetite For Destruction At 25: One Horny Young Boy's Recollection

The first kid in my middle school to discover Appetite for Destruction was a big football player named Si. Everyone in my class was terrified of Si because Si was the only kid in our grade who had gotten pubes. You walked into the shower and in the crowd of hairless penises was this big kid with a mohawk and a black… » 7/19/12 7:00pm 7/19/12 7:00pm

Recalling The Time Bennie Blades Pulled A Bazooka Out Of His Car Trunk…

Here's a nice, terrifying memory from Lomas Brown—the former NFL player who now says things on ESPN for money—regarding his former Detroit teammate Bennie Blades. Brown told Dan Le Batard and Le Batard's father today that Blades was the "craziest teammate" he ever had, and then shared this special anecdote: » 12/15/11 7:55pm 12/15/11 7:55pm

Celebrate Independence Eve By Watching A Cute Kid Allow The First Fish…

Teddy's dad Mike sent this link in earlier this afternoon. He thought you might like to see it. So, now presenting "Teddy catching his first fish ever, naming it 'Free' and releasing it back to the wild." » 7/03/11 6:30pm 7/03/11 6:30pm

"The Stadium Died At 9:24"

Almost ten years to the day after it closed, the last remaining piece of Tiger Stadium was finally knocked to the ground. In a related story, have you seen my childhood? [Detroit Free Press]

» 9/23/09 3:00pm 9/23/09 3:00pm

So What Does Jon Gruden Really Think Of His New Employer?

Having a selective memory and no access to Google comes in handy during a job search. That way, when a network hires you to talk football they aren't embarrassed by old quotes like this one. » 5/18/09 12:15pm 5/18/09 12:15pm