Team USA Just Barely Survived A Gut Check From Lithuania

The final score—99-94—doesn't tell the whole story: Lithuania had a lead in the fourth quarter, and there were moments where it looked like just about everything that could go wrong for the US team would: atrocious free throw shooting, no rhythm from outside, easy scores for Lithuania's guards, and Coach K making that… »8/04/12 11:48am8/04/12 11:48am

U.S. Men's Basketball Players Get Hugs From Michelle Obama Despite Not Beating France By 75

Of course, much of this is self-inflicted with all the Dream Team comparisons but it is silly nonetheless. At no point during this "game" against France did anyone with a skull full of working parts think the outcome was in jeopardy. But if the U.S. doesn't look flawless while its opponent simultaneously looks like… »7/29/12 1:37pm7/29/12 1:37pm