College Hoops Coach Who Made Players Run Until One Pooped Keeps Job

University of Wisconsin—Green Bay men's basketball coach Brian Wardle made news last month when it got out that he may have made his players run hills so much that one of his players, Ryan Bross, shat his pants, and that he may have then proceeded to heckle the poor pants-shitter all season long. » 5/25/13 7:47pm 5/25/13 7:47pm

UWGB Hoops Coach Brian Wardle Will Make You Run Until You Poop

It takes a special kind of asshole coach to make you run hills until you vomit. But it takes an even MORE special kind of asshole coach to make you run hills until you shit your pants and then mock you all season long for shitting your pants. That's the accusation leveled against UW-Green Bay men's basketball coach… » 5/01/13 11:00am 5/01/13 11:00am

A Bunch Of People Came Up With $25K So UConn Basketball Players Can Ride On Parade Floats After All

Yesterday, Mike Zaleski, executive director of the Hartford Business Improvement District, said if he couldn't get his fingers wrapped around $25K by Friday, there would be no parade to commemorate the victors of one of the worst college-basketball championship games in the history of round objects. Fine, he didn't… » 4/14/11 8:30pm 4/14/11 8:30pm