Phelps And Lochte No Match For Mighty French, Settle For Silver in Freestyle Relay

Welp, at least Ryan Lochte has some more silver hardware to add to his grill. The French came back to win the Men's 4x100m relay after the Americans had been leading throughout. France finished strong with a time of 3:9:93 and the U.S. foursome settled for second place with a time of 3:10:38. »7/29/12 4:50pm7/29/12 4:50pm


Ryan Lochte's "I ♥ BREAST" Shirt Wasn't Enough To Put Him Past Michael Phelps

Despite mopping the floor with Michael Phelps in the past few years of competition, Ryan Lochte found himself behind Phelps both times the swimming stars faced each other this weekend, in the 200 individual medley and the 200 freestyle. It didn't much matter—Phelps ended up qualifying in five events, Lochte in four,… »7/02/12 9:00am7/02/12 9:00am