Mercer's Seniors Beat Duke, But Does Experience Matter In March Madness?

Last Friday, No. 14 seed Mercer shocked No. 3 seed Duke, 78-71, in the opening round of the NCAA tournament. Mercer started five seniors, while Duke started freshman and presumed-lottery-pick Jabari Parker alongside three sophomores and a lone senior. Quickly a narrative emerged: Mercer won because it was more » 3/27/14 10:02am 3/27/14 10:02am

Mercer Alum Sam Mitchell Celebrates Win Over Duke With Irish Jig

Sam Mitchell played four years at Mercer and is the leading scorer in Bears history. He went on to play for the Timberwolves and Pacers before coaching the Toronto Raptors for four seasons and change. He's now an analyst for TSN and NBA TV and while on set today, he busted out this little bit footwork to celebrate his… » 3/21/14 3:24pm 3/21/14 3:24pm

Mercer's Head Coach Gets VERY EXCITED; Player Robot Bombs Him

It's a rare occurrence for two fantastic things to happen in such a short period of time during a postgame interview. While Rachel Nichols was interviewing Mercer head coach Bob Hoffman following his team's stunning upset of Duke, Anthony White Jr. videobombed his coach with a perfect Chapelle-style robot dance. » 3/21/14 2:52pm 3/21/14 2:52pm