The Packers Are 9-0, And The 1972 Dolphins Are Already Insufferable About It

The Dolphins, the only perfect team in NFL history, famously breaks out the champagne toast when the last undefeated team loses their first game. This would not happen if reporters didn't flock to Mercury Morris's house every time the last undefeated team loses, but c'est les médias. » 11/16/11 2:40pm 11/16/11 2:40pm

Mercury Morris Was Quite the Thespian

This clip—via 100% Injury Rate—features Mercury Morris and an assortment of NFL stars in the film The Black Six. They tell me that this work of 1970's brilliance is of the Blaxploitation genre, but I didn't see Blacula, Blackenstein, or the Blunchblack of Blotre Blame. Regardless, I think we can all agree that this… » 12/08/07 10:35am 12/08/07 10:35am