To Be Fair, Jesus Was Fiercely Anti-Merkin

Okay, one more Jesus-related post today. In anticipation of College Gameday's appearance in Fort Worth today for the TCU-Utah tilt, one clever TCU fan decided to make it known Lee Corso's long-running feud with the King of Kings. [myFOXdfw] » 11/14/09 12:40pm 11/14/09 12:40pm

Workin' The Merkin

I couldn't wait for the first Hugh Johnson Update to get this up. What you see above, courtesty of Longhorn Nation, is a sign that accuses Lee Corso of wearing a "merkin." A merkin, for the uninitiated, is... well, I'll let Wikipedia explain:
» 10/28/06 1:57pm 10/28/06 1:57pm

Whew. This is all new to me... I'm a little shaken up. All this time,…