Meryl Streep Rocks Out: Ricki And The Flash Could've Been Worse

Ricki and the Flash could’ve easily been yet another broad, obvious dysfunctional-family comedy. It’s right there in the setup: A middle-aged woman who years ago abandoned her buttoned-down Midwestern husband and kids to be a rock ’n’ roll star must now make amends, setting up a feel-good redemption (with a side order… »8/05/15 12:48pm8/05/15 12:48pm


Hollywood Gets Sex Right, For Once: The Surprisingly Honest Hope Springs

For a subject that's so popular, sex is something most people have a hard time discussing. This is especially true in Hollywood movies, where it's usually treated as exciting (9 1/2 Weeks) or dangerous (Basic Instinct) but rarely realistically. Even when sex is taken seriously, like in last year's addiction drama Shame »8/07/12 6:05pm8/07/12 6:05pm