Why The Super Bowl Transit Nightmare Happened

New Jersey Transit regularly handles sell-out football crowds heading to MetLife Stadium for Jets and Giants games, and even more for concerts. So how did Super Bowl Sunday turn into such a disaster, with tens of thousands of fans stuck for hours in a hot, crowded train station? Let's figure out what went down, and… » 2/03/14 2:32pm 2/03/14 2:32pm

Taking The Train To The Super Bowl Is A Disaster

This is what happens when you don't let people drive to a football game. Thousands are trying to get to MetLife Stadium for the Super Bowl and since the NFL made less than half the total parking spaces available for the game, won't let you walk to the game and will turn around most cabs, the only practical options… » 2/02/14 4:28pm 2/02/14 4:28pm