Is Richie Incognito's Dad Blasting Jonathan Martin On Message Boards?

Richie Incognito finds himself at the center of the Dolphins' and the NFL's investigation of the bullying complaints of Jonathan Martin, who left the team last week. Incognito has been suspended indefinitely, and the latest report is that Incognito left Martin texts and voicemails "that are both threatening and… »11/04/13 9:15am11/04/13 9:15am

Is South Carolina Hypnotizing Opponents With "Gay Techno Glow-Stick Music?"

South Carolina has had to scrap on the road this year, but has looked nigh-unbeatable at Williams-Brice, including spanking Georgia this past weekend. A lesser intellect would be content to chalk that up to typical home-field advantage. But the denizens of the SECRant message boards are no lesser intellects. »10/11/12 1:45pm10/11/12 1:45pm

Former NBA Coach Plagiarizes Spurs Message Board For Column

John Carroll was the head coach at Duquesne for six years, and an assistant coach in the NBA for nine—including a 36-game stint as interim head coach for the Celtics in 2004. He's now sharing his expertise for Scouts Inc., which was purchased by ESPN in 2006. Since then Carroll's scouting reports have appeared… »5/15/12 7:35pm5/15/12 7:35pm