It'll Be A Lot Harder To Scalp Super Bowl Tickets This Year

You are not going to the Super Bowl. You are not a corporate sponsor or a Bruno Mars roadie or the guy who polishes the Snoopy sculpture outside of MetLife Stadium, so you can absorb this news as an abstraction: the NFL is majorly jacking up the prices of the best seats for its first cold-weather Super Bowl, and… »9/17/13 5:09pm9/17/13 5:09pm

Every Cold-Weather City Should Host The Super Bowl

Despite the objections of Joe Flacco, next year's Super Bowl will be played in lovely northern New Jersey. It might be windy. It might snow. But as long as no great disaster happens, like thousands of trapped fans at Seacaucus Junction going Donner Party on each other, the NFL will make a lot of money and every other… »3/19/13 11:17am3/19/13 11:17am

2014 Super Bowl Host Committee Wonders Why Joe Flacco Dissed His Home State Of New Jersey

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: Playing at MetLife Stadium is "retarded?" Why doesn't Flacco have any Jersey pride? »1/31/13 7:00pm1/31/13 7:00pm

The Jets Are In Line For An Attendance Debacle Tonight

It's been reported that as of Friday, the Jets had 12,000 tickets remaining unsold for tonight's game against the Texans. It's understandable. MetLife Stadium is a remarkably joyless place to watch your team lose 59-6. But there have been no whispers of a blackout, so we can assume Woody Johnson has bought those empty… »10/08/12 9:45am10/08/12 9:45am

Cowboys Fan Didn't Just Taser A Jets Fan; He Tasered A Marine On 9/11

The Cowboys still fancy themselves "America's Team," but there are very little in the way of patriotism requirements to root for them. Leroy McKelvey of South Carolina is the man who somehow brought a stun gun into MetLife Stadium, and tased three fans in his section at halftime. One of them a marine who had chastised… »9/13/11 10:05am9/13/11 10:05am