Old Man Metta World Peace Says Modern NBA Is Full Of Babies

Metta World Peace is back in the NBA after a few seasons in China and has found an NBA more focused on the three-pointer and passing than the one he left. So, naturally, he has assumed the least surprising position available to him, that the NBA is, “No longer a man’s game. It’s a baby’s game. There’s softies… »10/11/15 1:35pm10/11/15 1:35pm


Don't Laugh: Metta World Peace Can Help The Lakers

News surfaced last week that Metta World Peace had been working out at the Lakers practice facility and was getting close to a one-year deal with the team. Let Woj tell it. “Inching closer”/“an increasing expectation,” la di da. The important part is holy shit the Lakers might sign Metta World Peace. This is amazing! »9/16/15 3:07pm9/16/15 3:07pm

Metta World Peace Is Still A Dude You Don't Want To Mess With

Metta World Peace may no longer be the terrifying NBA presence he once was—mostly because he's no longer in the NBA—but that doesn't mean that he's a guy you can fuck with at the Venice summer league. Two dudes found out as much while playing in a recent pick-up game with the former defensive player of the year. »7/28/14 2:01pm7/28/14 2:01pm

What happens when Metta World Peace gets on a tour bus with a bunch of children?

What happens when Metta World Peace gets on a tour bus with a bunch of children? Hijinks obviously ensued. "At one point, a fifth grader notices a billboard for Larry Flynt's Hustler Club. It's not subtle. The boy, being around 12, tells the whole bus about it. Soon, everyone is screaming." [Time] »10/16/13 11:35am10/16/13 11:35am

Metta World Peace: "I'd Rather Eat My Hand Than Have My Penis Cut Off"

Key & Peele, the show that brought us the great college-football-players-with-funny-names bit, boasted NBA oddball Metta World Peace as a guest last night. MWP did a short sketch called "Metta World News," in which he plays a news anchor who shares his free-associative thoughts about dreams, eating one's own hand,… »9/26/13 6:30pm9/26/13 6:30pm

Metta World Peace Was Zonked Out On Painkillers After His Knee Surgery, And His Tweets Were Slightly Stranger Than They Usually Are [UPDATE: This Might Be Some Sort Of PR Stunt]

Update: This—part or all of it—is some sort of PR stunt, because in in this gilded age, even the most banal things are guerrilla marketing. A Deadspin staffer got this email yesterday, excerpted in part: »3/30/13 10:20am3/30/13 10:20am

Dwight Howard Ejected On Perhaps The Flimsiest Double Technical Foul Ever

What you see there, somewhere, is Dwight Howard's second technical foul of the day—second technical foul of the first half, even—and so, the referees had to send him packing. Their hands were tied, it's a rule. Howard appears to get tangled up with the Raptors Alan Anderson after a Metta World Peace—who hilariously… »1/20/13 5:52pm1/20/13 5:52pm

Metta World Peace Had A Bizarre And Entertaining Chat With Reporters Last Night

The Lakers snapped a six-game losing streak with a 20-point win over the last-place Cavaliers, thanks in large part to the return of Dwight Howard from a shoulder injury. But the real star of the show was Metta World Peace, who, with reporters gathered around his locker after the game, launched what Mark Medina of the »1/14/13 1:25pm1/14/13 1:25pm

Steve Nash Wipes His Armpits With A Towel, Metta World Peace Uses Same Towel To Wipe His Face

This video comes from last night's Lakers-Rockets game, which ended as another demoralizing loss of the Lakers. That's Steve Nash wiping the sweat from his armpits with a towel, casually handing the towel to his teammate Metta World Peace, and then walking away as World Peace proceeds to bury his face in the gross,… »1/09/13 10:55am1/09/13 10:55am

The Spurs' Final Play Was Brilliant. The Lakers' Final Play Was A Hot Mess.

The Spurs' 84-82 win over the Lakers came down to a pair of plays in the waning seconds. San Antonio's relied on the element of surprise, an unlikely shooter, everyone knowing their roles. Los Angeles's consisted of Pau Gasol shooting a three. This is what happens when your respective court generals are Tim Duncan… »11/14/12 11:00am11/14/12 11:00am