This Is What It Looks Like When A Baseball Team Takes Cover During A Gunfight

A running battle between state police and a group of gunmen broke out outside a Mexican League game in the northern city of Saltillo, interrupting a game between the Saraperos and a local youth team. Fans and players ducked for cover, but there were no injuries reported inside the stadium. Police killed three gunmen… »3/14/12 6:05pm3/14/12 6:05pm


Jose Canseco Will Not Play In The Mexican League Because He Can't Pass A Drug Test

When he's not periodically melting down or being the huggiest person on Twitter, Jose Canseco still plays the occasional game of baseball. Last year he was player/coach of the independent Yuma Scorpions (a position not without its risks), and this year was to be a step up in the world: the Mexican League, which is… »3/08/12 9:30am3/08/12 9:30am