Mexican Bicycle Goal Celebration Is Complicated

You've seen plenty of bicycle kicks, but have you ever seen a bicycle goal celebration? Mexico's Alejandro Díaz Liceaga broke it out after scoring his second goal against Cuba today in a CONCACAF U-20 tournament match. El Tri is defending its title, and doing so in brutal fashion—they're up 6-1 at halftime. » 1/10/15 3:55pm 1/10/15 3:55pm

Man On Drugs Jumps Off Bridge, Walks Away Like It's Nothing At All

A half-naked man in Tijuana, Mexico, found himself higher than an astronaut and cornered by police on both sides of a bridge. So he did the only thing you can when you're higher than an astronaut and half-naked in Tijuana, Mexico – he jumped. » 12/29/14 2:37pm 12/29/14 2:37pm

Here's The Official Movie Of Diego Maradona's 1986 World Cup

Diego Maradona shimmies and jukes. He drags the ball with him. The camera pans from his feet to his face, tracking him as he goes. Is he heading toward the goal or dribbling harmlessly across the field? I can't tell, and neither can the English defenders he slides by so easily. The goalkeeper is nothing more than a… » 7/11/14 1:46pm 7/11/14 1:46pm

Arjen Robben Apologizes For His Dive (But Not That Dive)

Arjen Robben blatantly dove multiple times in the Netherlands' comeback win over Mexico. He was also fouled multiple times. These happenings were not necessarily concurrent, though on certain plays they were, and they appeared to be on the final, fatal penalty call in the box. That's an unsatisfying summation of… » 6/30/14 9:04am 6/30/14 9:04am

Netherlands Break Mexico Hearts With Late Goal, Penalty

Mexico were minutes from advancing to the quarterfinals before Wesley Sneijder hammered home a corner rebound and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar converted a stoppage-time penalty to beat El Tri 2-1. » 6/29/14 2:04pm 6/29/14 2:04pm

Giovani Dos Santos Scores Golazo: Here's How It Sounded In Mexico

Giovani Dos Santos hammered home a tremendous golazo to open the scoring early in the second half for Mexico against the Netherlands. Here's what it sounded like on Mexico's Azteca Deportes TV. » 6/29/14 1:15pm 6/29/14 1:15pm

How Miguel Herrera Resonates With Mexicans

Brazil's legendary player Garrincha was known as Alegria do Povo (Joy of the People) because of his ability to inspire the masses but also because of his humble beginnings. » 6/29/14 1:01pm 6/29/14 1:01pm

Croatia Vs. Mexico Fan Brawl Features Shirtless, Smoking Hero

Right after Mexico took a 1-0 lead in yesterday's World Cup match against Croatia, a fight between the nations' supporters broke out in the stands. The fight featured quite a few reckless haymakers, a lot of shirtless Croatians, and one amazing badass. » 6/24/14 3:42pm 6/24/14 3:42pm

Here's The Moment Mexico-Croatia Went From Soccer Match To Fiesta

So Mexico stomped Croatia and Brazil stomped Cameroon, which saved us from breaking out our graphing calculators to accurately compute the more esoteric World Cup tiebreakers. Nonetheless, both matches had a lot riding on them even into the final moments. » 6/23/14 7:18pm 6/23/14 7:18pm

Mexico's Coach Is The MVP Of Being Emotional On The Sideline

So the Mexico-Croatia game turned into a damn barn burner very suddenly in the second half, and this elicited a great deal of emotion from Miguel Herrera, Mexico's coach and a man who is known for expressing himself. » 6/23/14 6:01pm 6/23/14 6:01pm

Your Croatia-Mexico and Cameroon-Brazil Open Thread

A lot's at stake here, and if I were that Brazil fan, I'd think twice before rubbing Cameroon's nose in it before they end up ruining the party. » 6/23/14 3:57pm 6/23/14 3:57pm

Will Mexico Finally Stop Being “Little Green Mice” In World Cups?

In the World Cup food chain, Mexico falls somewhere in the middle towards the bottom, not as low as plankton but easily devoured by the predators. It’s scary down there. » 6/23/14 3:41pm 6/23/14 3:41pm

Chart: What Do Brazil And Mexico Need To Do To Advance?

Last night, we showed you what needed to happen for the USMNT to advance to the next round of the World Cup. Now we have a similar chart showing how things shake out depending on the results of this afternoon's Group A matches. » 6/23/14 3:40pm 6/23/14 3:40pm

How Mexico Beat Brazil, 0-0

Brazil's attack came in wave after wave after wave, but no matter how hard Neymar and the boys crashed in on goal, Mexico's granite keeper Memo Ochoa stood solid and repelled each and every one. To say he single-handedly saved a point would be to give the rest of his body too little credit. » 6/17/14 7:12pm 6/17/14 7:12pm