Mexico Beat The USMNT Because They're A Better Team

As we sift through the rubble of last night’s 3-2 Mexico victory over the USMNT, Jürgen Klinsmann finds himself squarely in the spotlight. The high stakes one-off is a disappointing setback for the program, and an occasion to soberly evaluate the course that Klinsmann has charted for it. The U.S. will miss out on the… »10/11/15 12:37pm10/11/15 12:37pm

Accused Neck Puncher Miguel Herrera Fired From Mexico Job

Yeah, this was always going to happen. A couple days after a journalist alleged that Mexico manager Miguel Herrera ran up on him in an airport and punched him in the neck immediately following Mexico’s victory in the Gold Cup final, Herrera has officially been fired. »7/29/15 3:10pm7/29/15 3:10pm

The Mexican Football Federation fired coach Miguel Herrera Tuesday, one day after he reportedly punc

The Mexican Football Federation fired coach Miguel Herrera Tuesday, one day after he reportedly punched TV Azteca journalist Christian Martinoli in the neck at the Philadelphia airport. Mexico’s next competitive match, a playoff against the United States for a berth in the Confederations Cup, is Oct. 9.
»7/28/15 7:15pm7/28/15 7:15pm

Mexican National Team Coach Allegedly Punched A Journalist In The Neck

Mexican national team coach Miguel Herrera is a crazy person in good times and in bad. You’d think that good times would bring out good-crazy, and that Mexico’s referee-delivered Gold Cup win would elicit those happy emotions. But according to Mexican journalist Christian Martinoli, Herrera was not feeling too… »7/27/15 3:55pm7/27/15 3:55pm

Trinidad And Tobago Draw Mexico With Last Second Corner Kick Goal

Before a largely pro-Mexico crowd in Charlotte, Trinidad and Tobago almost threw away their Gold Cup match, before eventually completing a stunning comeback in the 93rd minute. Joevin Jones delivered a perfect corner kick amidst lasers shining in his eyes and bottles raining down on his head, and Yohance Marshall… »7/15/15 11:10pm7/15/15 11:10pm

Watch Security Camera Footage of "El Chapo" Disappearing From His Cell

If you were wondering what it looked like when Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán escaped from a maximum-security prison on Saturday night, good news: a security camera was running in his cell the entire time, and the footage was released tonight by Mexican authorities, along with a detailed look at the… »7/15/15 10:22am7/15/15 10:22am

Chicharito Fractures Collarbone, Could Miss Gold Cup

Mexico will be without their starting striker for much of the Gold Cup. During last night’s friendly against Honduras in Houston, Chicharito left in the 40th minute after suffering an apparent fractured collarbone. Chicharito was fouled while tracking down a wayward pass, landed on his shoulder awkwardly, and… »7/02/15 1:50am7/02/15 1:50am

The Best Restaurant in the World Is: Disney's Epcot Theme Park

For the past year, Rich Juzwiak and Caity Weaver have scoured New York in search of the city’s greatest restaurant. This spring, the authors expanded their quest into a global hunt: the search for the Best Restaurant in the World. Due to time and budget constraints, it was determined that the most efficient method to… »4/30/15 12:45pm4/30/15 12:45pm