Michigan State Coaches Say Ohio State Gave Them Selectively Edited Game…

After Ohio State beat Michigan State today 17-16, the Spartans coaches' bellies ached loudly enough that reporters heard them and wrote that Michigan State's coaches were upset with Ohio State's coaches. Apparently the game film that Ohio State provided in advance of their game was not up to Big Ten conference… » 9/29/12 9:47pm 9/29/12 9:47pm

Respiratory Illness Will Not Slow Tim Tebow

In case Florida fails to crush another mediocre SEC opponent tonight, Urban Meyer can safely recycle his flu excuse. Sickness has ravaged the Gators, including Tim Tebow, who flew to Lexington on a separate plane last night. [Dr. Saturday] » 9/26/09 5:30pm 9/26/09 5:30pm