David Beckham Will Build His Soccer Stadium Next To Marlins Park

David Beckham’s Miami Football Club appears it will finally have a stadium to call home. After a 17-month, back-and-forth process, Miami mayor Tomas Regalado announced Friday a tentative deal to build Beckham’s soccer stadium on land adjacent to Marlins Park. http://screamer.deadspin.com/david-beckham-... »7/18/15 10:34am

Are You Lying About Where You're From? The Real Borders of Your City

Where do you have to be born to say that you're from a given city and not be lying? Back in August, prompted by a New Republic article called "Don't Say You're From the City If You're Really From the 'Burbs," we asked you—Gawker readers—to tell us the real borders of some of America's largest cities. Here are your… »10/06/14 10:30am

David Beckham Can't Find Anywhere To Build His Soccer Stadium In Miami

In February, Major League Soccer announced David Beckham would buy an expansion franchise to play in Miami for only $25 million, a perk from the contract Beckham signed with the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007. The same day, Beckham revealed that he planned to build a new stadium for the team, funding the $400 million… »7/22/14 2:28pm

What Should Miami Do With Its Graffiti-Covered Marine Stadium?


If you follow anyone who was down in Miami for the art fairs earlier this month, you might have seen their photographs of the Miami Marine Stadium, a decaying, dilapidated oceanfront venue for powerboat racing that turns 50 years old next week. Condemned in 1992 after Hurricane Andrew, it's since been plagued by… »12/16/13 12:40pm

Good News, Miami! There's More Stadium Work For You To Publicly Finance.

Miami has another outdated stadium that needs hundreds of millions of dollars worth of renovations. A politician instrumental in getting the Marlins taxpayer funding says the renovations are necessary. The Dolphins don't have the cash or the desire to pay for it. Guess who's left? Miami-Dade County residents, whose… »11/26/12 11:25am

Miami TV Station Congratulates The Florida International University Panthers On Their Stanley Cup Playoff Win

The Florida Panthers took a 2-1 series lead over the New Jersey Devils with an astonishing 4-3 win that came after falling behind 3-0 in the first period. It's understandable, then, that the story led off the 10:00 news on Miami's WSVN; perhaps unaccustomed to hockey success, they got a few details wrong—and later… »4/18/12 8:54am

Peyton Manning May Sign With The Jets Or Dolphins Or 49ers Or Not

The news is barely a few hours old that the Indianapolis Colts will not pay quarterback Peyton Manning his $28 million roster bonus, thus freeing him to sign with any NFL team next season. You know who's interested in snagging the four-time MVP? Everyone! Well, mostly. A select few would be thrilled to land Manning,… »3/06/12 11:15pm