Once Again, Rex Ryan Trolled The Bills' Opponents With His Selection Of Captains

The Buffalo Bills play the Dolphins today in Buffalo. The two climatologically opposite teams have a rivalry, and the Bills are coached by jolly trickster Rex Ryan, so of course he did some pranking. Much like he did two weeks ago against the Dolphins, Ryan made a point of selecting the funniest captains possible, so… »11/08/15 1:21pm11/08/15 1:21pm


Report: Ryan Tannehill Did Not React Well To Getting Beaten By The Scout Team

Whenever an NFL coach gets fired, it’s always fun to sit around and wait for the follow-up stories that shed some light on just how bad things were before the firing. The Dolphins fired head coach Joe Philbin this morning, and the National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson has provided us with such a report. »10/05/15 2:00pm10/05/15 2:00pm

Things Are Already Tense Between Ndamukong Suh And The Dolphins

It usually takes a few bad losses to drive an NFL team to the point of undermining itself via anonymous pot shots in the press. The 1-1 Dolphins shouldn’t be at that juncture yet, but their Week 2 loss came at the hands of the Jaguars, which is basically like losing four games in one. It’s the kind of thing that can… »9/21/15 3:29pm9/21/15 3:29pm

Ex-NFLer Will Allen Indicted For Role In Alleged Ponzi Scheme

Former NFL cornerback Will Allen—not to be confused with Steelers safety Will Allen—has been indicted in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts for his role in an alleged Ponzi scheme, which prosecutors say he ran with a woman named Susan Daub. Allen and Daub each face 23 felony counts including… »7/14/15 4:16pm7/14/15 4:16pm

Records: Will Allen Tried To Dodge Being Served In Ponzi Scheme Case

The Securities and Exchange Commission* has accused former NFL cornerback Will Allen and a partner of running an approximately $31 million Ponzi scheme that lured in athletes from all four major American sports leagues. And as part of what will probably be an ongoing legal process, Allen and Susan Daub had to be… »4/07/15 6:13pm4/07/15 6:13pm