Reports: Miami Heat's Gerald Green Had To Be Restrained, Hospitalized

Heat swingman Gerald Green was hospitalized today after an ambulance and police were called to his Miami condominium. According to witnesses who spoke to TMZ, Green was “screaming at the top of his lungs” and causing a disturbance. He had to be restrained on a stretcher before the ambulance took him to the hospital. »11/04/15 5:17pm11/04/15 5:17pm

This Guy Is The Highlight Of The Miami Heat's Dance Team Auditions

Keith Wilson didn’t make the Miami Heat’s final squad, but he did leave everything out on the court in his audition soundtracked by Beyoncé. The 28-year-old dance teacher has attended tryouts since 2012, and though he hasn’t made the cut yet, he’s happy that the Heat give him the opportunity. Now, watch Keith dance… »8/11/15 2:24pm8/11/15 2:24pm

Heat And Sixers Both Really, Really Need To Lose To Each Other Tonight

There is a very special game being played tonight, the final night of the NBA regular season, with so much more at stake than just a boring old postseason berth. The Heat and 76ers will meet, each seeking the same draft pick, each needing desperately to lose their game to secure it. Tonight in Philly: it’s Tanknarök. »4/15/15 2:13pm4/15/15 2:13pm

Khris Middleton Hits Game-Winning Three To Cap Frenzied Final Seconds

Khris Middleton is starting to make a habit of hitting game-winners from a very specific spot on the floor. Down two to the Heat with eight seconds remaining, Jerryd Bayless's missed layup was heading out of bounds before Zaza Pachulia tracked it down and chucked it backwards. His save found Middleton perfectly, who… »3/24/15 11:10pm3/24/15 11:10pm

Dwyane Wade Saves Ball, Throws Spectacular Behind-The-Back Pass

Up against frenemy LeBron James and the Cavaliers, Dwyane Wade is putting on an absolute show tonight. The 27 points on 11-15 through three quarters is impressive enough, but the real highlight of his night is this crazy save turned spot-on behind-the-back pass that split two defenders to Goran Dragic. Maybe even more… »3/16/15 9:59pm3/16/15 9:59pm

Hassan Whiteside: Alex Len Mad "Because I Just Kept Dunking On Him"

Who knew the Heat and Suns loathed each other so much? Monday night's game was chippy—Markieff Morris flagrantly fouled former teammate Goran Dragic, and a few minutes later, Hassan Whiteside and Alex Len wrestled on the court. (Officials ejected Morris, Len, and Whiteside for their roles.) After the game, Whiteside,… »3/03/15 12:06pm3/03/15 12:06pm

When Miami-Dade residents voted on building the Heat an arena, they were promised a waterfront park.

When Miami-Dade residents voted on building the Heat an arena, they were promised a waterfront park. It became a parking lot, with the Heat pocketing the proceeds. Now the county wants to at least charge reasonable rent for the land. The Heat's lobbyist says there's "room for discussion." »2/26/15 5:40pm2/26/15 5:40pm