This Trailer Has Me So Fucking Amped To See Some Jiu-Jitsu

I'm not going to lie: the Metamoris 3 event in Los Angeles this weekend wasn't really on my radar, but then this jiu-jitsu-as-Avengers-spinoff trailer came across my Twitter timeline, and now I'm fucking pumped up to see some guys jiu-jitsuing. This really has it all: bombastic music, overhead shots of Los Angeles,… » 3/26/14 3:28pm 3/26/14 3:28pm

Michael Bay's Ode To Meatheads: Pain & Gain, Reviewed.

There are many movies that could have been made from the raw materials of Pain & Gain, which is based on a series of outrageous Miami New Times articles about three dimwit Florida bodybuilders who in 1994 kidnapped a rich local businessman and stripped him of all his assets. Some filmmakers, for example, might have… » 4/24/13 5:30pm 4/24/13 5:30pm