Michael Beasley Reduced To Status As Kevin Durant Flunky

At one point early on in The Offseason: Kevin Durant, that HBO reality show aimed at getting its star better endorsement deals, walking brand Kevin Durant flies some of his buddies out to Los Angeles, where they intend to stay for the summer. We're introduced to Childhood Friend Cliff Dixon, Manager & Childhood Friend… »11/06/14 3:20pm11/06/14 3:20pm


Today In Michael Beasley Is An Enormous Weirdo: "I Like To Fart Sometimes And Keep It N A Bottle 2 Smell Later"

Tipster Tyler C. alerted us to this wonderfully vivid mental image tweeted (and since deleted) by Michael Beasley. Beasley has indicated that his account was hacked, but who knows for sure. I suppose it's possible some rapper really wants the word out that Michael Beasley is a big fan and doesn't mind that Beasley is… »5/26/12 4:45pm5/26/12 4:45pm

Michael Beasley's Lockout Image Rehab Includes Ballet Lessons

Michael Beasley is one of the few NBA players who might actually manage to be more interesting when he's not playing professional basketball. Since the NBA lockout began, he's been cited for speeding and for marijuana possession, and he "mushed" a heckler during a game at Dyckman Park in August. This man needs a… »10/21/11 3:15pm10/21/11 3:15pm

Paul Pierce And Michael Beasley Had Asthma Attacks During A Game In China, Because Everyone Was Smoking

There are known hazards for NBA players considering playing a year in China: they might not let you out of your contract if the lockout ends, and you could always get hurt, like Michael Beasley apparently did on Monday. But one of the things they don't tell you about is the omnipresent clouds of smoke that hover over… »8/31/11 10:55am8/31/11 10:55am

Here's Video Of Michael Beasley "Mushing" A Fan At A New York City Park Last Night

We learned a new word today: mushing. A mush is when a person puts a hand directly onto another person's face and pushes him or her backward. Minnesota's Michael Beasley "mushed" a heckling fan at New York City's Dyckman Park last night. The incident is not expected to help his job security. »8/05/11 2:25pm8/05/11 2:25pm

Michael Beasley Has Not Yet Kicked That Demon Weed

The 2011 NBA lockout is a mere six days old, which means that we are way past due for a report of a league player getting cited for possession of marijuana. And now that I mention it, we are also (and always) way past due for a report of Michael Beasley getting busted for possession of marijuana — ideally by way of a… »7/06/11 3:30pm7/06/11 3:30pm