Ex-NFL RB Michael Bennett Arrested For Alleged Forgery, Elder Abuse 

Former NFL running back Michael Bennett was arrested in Petaluma, Ca. on Thursday and held on suspicion of forgery, elder abuse, grand theft, and burglary. Bennett allegedly took out more than $300,000 worth of fraudulent loans in his girlfriend’s parents’ names. The parents realized something fishy was going on after… »11/21/15 1:45pm11/21/15 1:45pm


Michael Bennett Crashes Postgame Interview To Demand Kam Chancellor Be Paid

Since returning from his holdout, Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor hasn’t done anything but lead an outright destruction of the Chicago Bears and save his teammates’ asses with one of the more brilliant individual efforts you’ll ever see on a defensive play. In other words, it’s been a good two weeks for Chancellor, and… »10/06/15 11:18am10/06/15 11:18am

Here's Seattle's Michael Bennett Doing The Ravishing Rick Rude Taunt

Michael Bennett's sack of Eli Manning in the fourth quarter of yesterday's game, right in the middle of the Giants' collapse during the late third and early fourth, was enough to land him in the top 25 defensive ends for the week. But what the stats won't tell you is that Bennett whipped out the Ravishing Rick Rude… »11/10/14 1:16pm11/10/14 1:16pm