Michael Carter-Williams, Professed Non-Tanker, Tanks

The 76ers are a sorry excuse for a professional sports franchise. Last season they had the second worst record in the league. During the draft this offseason they had two top-12 picks, and chose to take a guy that has a season-long injury and a guy that is going to play in Europe this year. They've yet to win a gameā€¦ » 11/13/14 11:59pm 11/13/14 11:59pm

Michael Carter-Williams Travels, Remembers He's On The 76ers

The 76ers were down two possessions with 16 seconds left against the Bulls. Barring a huge screwup, Philadelphia wasn't pulling out the win. Regardless, Michael Carter-Williams still tried to score quickly, until he was called for traveling. After the turnover, his body language said fuck everything. » 3/19/14 10:26pm 3/19/14 10:26pm