Crabtree Reportedly Tried To Fight Richard Sherman At A Charity Event

Michael Crabtree may have made some disparaging albiet tame pregame remarks about Richard Sherman, but everyone is still sort of wondering what exactly got Sherman so fired up yesterday. Sherman alluded to "something personal" during his postgame comments, and now the Seattle Times sheds some light on what he may have… »1/20/14 11:01am1/20/14 11:01am

No, San Francisco Police Are Not Investigating Michael Crabtree To Sabotage The 49ers

It would be ludicrous to suggest that the San Francisco police department is scheming to hurt the post-season chances of the its hometown football team, right? Right. And yet, the 49ers are still giving the side-eye to the SFPD for undertaking (and informing the media of) the Michael Crabtree sexual assault… »1/20/13 1:05pm1/20/13 1:05pm

San Francisco Police Investigating 49ers Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree For Alleged Sexual Assault

KTVU news and the San Francisco Chronicle have reported that the San Francisco police department is investigating 49ers wideout Michael Crabtree for an alleged sexual assault that took place after the 49ers' victory over the Packers on Saturday. Crabtree was the 49ers' leading receiver this year, with 85 receptions… »1/18/13 11:00pm1/18/13 11:00pm

Michael Crabtree Says He Missed A Flight Because He Got Pulled Over By A Cop Who's A Raiders Fan

Crabtree, a 49ers wide receiver, first tweeted this: "Just got pull over on highway 280 on my way to the airport. Police kept me for 30 mins....." He followed that with what you see above. No word on why Crabtree was pulled over, in what municipality the traffic stop took place, or why Raiders fans are allowed to be… »10/19/11 12:30pm10/19/11 12:30pm