Michael Kay Screams And Rants About Mike Francesa And Integrity

Yankees play-by-play announcer Michael Kay was fuming at radio host Mike Francesa yesterday on his radio show, and called out the Sports Pope after Francesa suggested YES controlled what Kay could and couldn't do. » 11/06/14 12:21pm 11/06/14 12:21pm

Michael Kay Takes "Classless" Shot At Mike Francesa

Today marked the debut of the YES Network's simulcast of Michael Kay's ESPN radio show—taking the spot of Mike Francesa, who parted ways with YES after 12 glorious years together. As they took the air, Kay and partner Don La Greca took a not-so-subtle shot at Francesa, dumping a bottle of Diet Coke in the trash. » 2/03/14 5:09pm 2/03/14 5:09pm

Even YES Can't Believe The Yankees Got This Call

It says a lot when even YES Network, the house organ to end all house organs in sports broadcasting, can't justify a call going the Yankees' way. » 7/13/13 3:49pm 7/13/13 3:49pm

Here Is A Photo Of Michael Kay And Al Leiter We Think You Should Look At

The YES Network's Michael Kay is very excited over the return of Al Leiter for tonight's game, and just posted this photo to Twitter. This is absolutely the broadcast booth equivalent of sword fighting in the men's room. » 8/27/12 7:15pm 8/27/12 7:15pm

Worst People Ever Catch Foul Ball, Refuse To Give It To A Crying Child,…

An unfortunate scene unfolded in Arlington tonight as a pair of Rangers fans caught a foul ball tossed into the stands by Mitch Moreland in the eighth inning of Rangers-Yankees, then refused to give the ball to the toddler sitting next to them—instead choosing to pose for pictures and generally behave like douchebags. » 4/25/12 11:18pm 4/25/12 11:18pm

All The Baseball Announcers' Big, Joyous Calls Last Night (And Then One…

Lots of exciting things happened on Wednesday, and for the most part our baseball broadcasters were up to the task. Above, we've compiled their calls of last night's biggest moments. Below, well, listen for yourself. » 9/29/11 12:30pm 9/29/11 12:30pm

The Heat Has Driven Michael Kay And Paul O'Neill Mad

Your morning roundup for July 24, the day our tears dried on their own. See anything worthwhile? Tip your editors. Image via @godzillatimmy2. » 7/24/11 10:00am 7/24/11 10:00am

I Didn't Know That Baseball's Unwritten Rules Mentioned The Holocaust

There are people who love sports talk radio, and there are people who hate it. The following clip, from the always worthwhile Fire Joe Morgan will likely thrill both sides. » 8/05/06 3:40pm 8/05/06 3:40pm

Clemens Survives ... For Now

Well, it's 5:30, and no announcement from Selig and company about steroids suspensions as has been widely rumored. We're keeping an eye out, but, of course, we'll just ask Michael Kay about it, if we have to. » 8/22/05 6:07pm 8/22/05 6:07pm

The Drooling Michael Kay

As loyal MLB.tv subscribers — honestly, if you're paying for the MLB TV package for your TV rather than your computer, you're getting ripped off — our favorite parts are usually when the game isn't going on. If you find the right feed, it won't jump to commercial like on regular telecasts and you can hear the… » 8/08/05 2:35pm 8/08/05 2:35pm