Mercifully, Sean Payton's Movie About Xbox May Now Never Get Made

Back when Sean Payton was on top of the world, he decided he'd like to go Hollywood. So he typed up the bare bones of a script, and as we learned this morning, handed it over to convicted felon Mike Ornstein to shop around. Nothing seems to have come of the project, and with Ornstein heavily implicated in the Saints'… »3/05/12 2:00pm3/05/12 2:00pm


Meet The Convicted Felon Who Defrauded The NFL, Made Reggie Bush Ineligible, And Funded The Saints' Bounty Program

If the NFL were to punish every team that ran a bounty program, there are very few teams they wouldn't have to punish. That's becoming obvious in the wake of the Saints' bounty scandal, and in the parade of stories making clear that money is going to be a large factor in the league's investigation. There may be no… »3/05/12 11:35am3/05/12 11:35am