Was Michael Phelps Narced On By Careless Phish Fan?

Even though it was months ago that Michael Phelps' bong-sucking photo captivated The World and perished many endorsement opportunities, there's still some mystery as to how the photo became public. One theory: Phish heads. » 4/13/09 2:45pm 4/13/09 2:45pm

Bong's True Owner Is A Pro Poker Player, Calls It 'My Precious'

The owner of the famed Michael Phelps bong? It's Zachery "Carter" King, 23, who won the 2008 Poker Stars World Championship of Online Poker Main Event, earning $1.3 million. That buys a lot of weed. » 2/17/09 10:15am 2/17/09 10:15am