Clippers TV Guy To Doc On Blake Griffin Foul Call: No Fuckin' Way

Clippers color man Michael Smith and head coach Doc Rivers shared a moment Monday evening during the LA's 137-118 victory over the Rockets. Before the end of the first half, Blake Griffin was called for an offensive foul as he tried to move past Aaron Brooks to the basket for what likely would have been a… »11/05/13 1:37am11/05/13 1:37am

ESPN Fight: Hugh Douglas Called Colleague Michael Smith "Uncle Tom"

Last Thursday, at the National Association of Black Journalists Convention and Career Fair, Hugh Douglas, the former Eagle and current NFL analyst for ESPN, was very drunk. A day later he would be both drunk and combative, and, as The Big Lead first reported, he and an ESPN colleague would nearly come to blows. But… »8/06/13 1:06pm8/06/13 1:06pm

Sloan Sports Analytics Conference: Lots Of Smart People, And One Bro Who Likes Jerking Off In The Background

MIT's Sloan Sports Analytics Conference regularly features the best minds in sports—people like Bill James, Mark Cuban, et cetera. It also, apparently, features dudes who like making jerk-off motions behind Michael Smith, whose Numbers Never Lie program aired live from MIT yesterday. Here's Smith talking to… »3/03/12 1:30pm3/03/12 1:30pm