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Jets Release Mark Sanchez, Sign Michael Vick

On the heels of the news that the fumble of the Buttfumble has been released, the Jets have signed Michael Vick. Adam Schefter says it's one year, $5 million. The timing of the announcements (Friday evening, in the middle of the NCAA tourney), and their quick succession, make you wonder if the Jets want one or both of… » 3/21/14 6:41pm 3/21/14 6:41pm

Dumb Column About Michael Vick: "Who Will Think Of The Children?"

There is a stupid thing in the New York Times today, which if read aloud in the proper cadence would sound quite a bit like a warmup oration for a tar-and-feathering. It's about Michael Vick, of course, and it argues that no team in the NFL should sign Michael Vick, for the sake of the children. » 1/06/14 12:43pm 1/06/14 12:43pm

Nick Foles Is Struggling, And Marcus Vick Is Loving It

It's an unexpected defensive showdown in Philadelphia, as the Cowboys lead the Eagles 3-0 at the half. Nick Foles is starting for the injured Michael Vick (and would probably be starting for a healthy Vick too). Though Vick recommended starting Foles in fantasy football this week, he's just 11 of 23 for 80 yards. So… » 10/20/13 2:52pm 10/20/13 2:52pm

Ten Years Later, Michael Vick Would Have a Harder Time Breaking Madden

Michael Vick may, for the rest of his life, remain a contemptible stereotype to much of the public: A brutal or stupid man. A laughingstock. A guy who did federal time. Still, there is one aspect of his football career that cleanly escapes the wreckage of his personal scandal, that lives on almost as a separate… » 8/04/13 5:57pm 8/04/13 5:57pm

Producer of Michael Vick's Video Game Won't Give Out His Real Name

In one of the more unusual interviews I've seen for a new, licensed sports game, the producer of Mike Vick: GameTime, on iOS, asked that his real name not be used. Might being associated with Vick, the NFL quarterback who did federal time for running a dogfighting operation, have something to do with that? » 4/30/13 4:01pm 4/30/13 4:01pm

Marcus Vick Is Still Acting Like A Dumbass On Twitter

Why does Marcus Vick still have a Twitter account? You would think that somebody from Michael Vick's camp would have forced him to shut it down after he went on a "Trade my brother!" rant back in November. But no, Marcus is still using everyone's favorite social media platform to say horrible and stupid things.… » 4/17/13 10:45am 4/17/13 10:45am

Michael Vick Is Staying With The Eagles, Let's Get Excited

Word just came down that Michael Vick, who was previously pegged as a prime candidate to be released by the Philadelphia Eagles due to the $15 million left on his contract, will in fact be staying in Philly for at least one more season. Vick and the Eagles restructured his deal, and he now has a one-year, $10 million… » 2/11/13 1:20pm 2/11/13 1:20pm

Marcus Vick Is Begging The Eagles To Trade Mike Vick On Twitter Right…

In less than 30 minutes, Marcus Vick went from excited to inconsolable. He was pumped up for Philadelphia's big Monday Night Football matchup with the New Orleans Saints. Unhappily, for Marcus, the game eventually started and he went of the rails, not pulling any punches along the way. The offensive line is shit and… » 11/05/12 9:29pm 11/05/12 9:29pm

Signs Your Season Is In Meltdown, Starring The Philadelphia Eagles

Sign 1: A players-only meeting. What goes on at these things? Is actually strategy discussed, or is it just a lot of "we should probably play better?" Regardless of motive, the Eagles responded to an embarrassing loss with a meeting at their practice complex on Wednesday. CSN Philly reports that Michael Vick, Trent… » 11/02/12 1:22pm 11/02/12 1:22pm

The Eagles Are Considering A Quarterback Change, Says Michael Vick

Usually, the clamoring for a change under center comes from fans and media, people who either don't know what they're talking about or haven't taken into account all the reasons for a team's struggles. A porous offensive line, or a defense that puts the quarterback into a position where he has to take risks, or a… » 10/29/12 9:45am 10/29/12 9:45am