Why The Hell Didn't The Phillies Make A Trade?

I can think of only two reasons why Michael Young and Carlos Ruiz are still Phillies today: Either Ruben Amaro didn't realize yesterday was the trade deadline, or his afternoon nap was poorly timed. » 8/01/13 9:40am 8/01/13 9:40am

The Phillies Might Have To Trade Michael Young For A Bag Of Balls

The Phillies are going to trade Michael Young by tomorrow's deadline; they have to. They're going nowhere, they just called up their third baseman of the future and Young, a free agent to be, could bring a midlevel prospect in return. There's only one problem: according to a report, Young just slit the throat of any… » 7/30/13 3:04pm 7/30/13 3:04pm

Did The Rangers Leave Michael Young's Locker Open Out Of Respect, Or…

Our pal Drew Fairservice at Getting Blanked spotted this bit of weirdness concerning the status of Michael Young's former space in the Texas Rangers' locker room. This morning, baseball writer Bob Nightengale tweeted the following: » 4/05/13 12:29pm 4/05/13 12:29pm

Dallas Journalist Melts Down On Twitter Following Michael Young Trade

Michael Young was traded away from the Rangers this afternoon, and his number one fans, also known as the local sports media circuit, were a little upset. Chief among those angered was Evan Grant, the beat writer for the Dallas Morning News. Grant has had issues in the past with impartiality when it comes to Young… » 12/08/12 4:55pm 12/08/12 4:55pm

Caltech Basketball Win Raises Record To 1-310 In Last 311 Conference…

Your morning roundup for Feb. 23, the day Rahm Emanuel starts cursing at the phrase "staggering unfunded pension liabilities." » 2/23/11 9:00am 2/23/11 9:00am

Watch A Three-Year-Old's Heart Break Because His Favorite Texas Ranger…

The young man in this video is apparently a big fan of Texas Rangers third-baseman Michael Young, who is likely about to be traded because — overly simplified — he doesn't get along very well with general manager Jon Daniels. » 2/12/11 12:15pm 2/12/11 12:15pm

A Night Of 1,000 Groundouts

As many have pointed out, the All-Star Game last night was ultimately pointless, if just because it doesn't really matter who has home-field advantage when the American League is just going to sweep anyway. » 7/12/06 10:15am 7/12/06 10:15am