The Phillies Might Have To Trade Michael Young For A Bag Of Balls

The Phillies are going to trade Michael Young by tomorrow's deadline; they have to. They're going nowhere, they just called up their third baseman of the future and Young, a free agent to be, could bring a midlevel prospect in return. There's only one problem: according to a report, Young just slit the throat of any… »7/30/13 3:04pm7/30/13 3:04pm

Dallas Journalist Melts Down On Twitter Following Michael Young Trade

Michael Young was traded away from the Rangers this afternoon, and his number one fans, also known as the local sports media circuit, were a little upset. Chief among those angered was Evan Grant, the beat writer for the Dallas Morning News. Grant has had issues in the past with impartiality when it comes to Young… »12/08/12 4:55pm12/08/12 4:55pm