If Tim Tebow And Michele Bachmann Had A Baby, It Would Look Like Justin Bieber, NFL.com Reports

The National Football League has gone ahead and filled in what was really the only remaining question in global Tim Tebow coverage: Hypothetically, what would Tim Tebow's spawn look like were he to procreate with the weirdest array ever of female celebrities and public figures ever? Hypothetically. »1/11/12 10:55am1/11/12 10:55am


Future First Man Marcus Bachmann Eating A Corn Dog? Future First Man Marcus Bachmann Eating A Corn Dog.

Michele Bachmann won the Ames, Iowa straw poll yesterday, which, according to Nate Silver, means she's the favorite to win the Iowa caucuses next year. And, if you follow this syllogism to its logical extreme, she's gonna win the Republican nomination and then the presidency. Or something. »8/14/11 3:15pm8/14/11 3:15pm