Floyd Mayweather Bans Michelle Beadle, Rachel Nichols From Covering Bout

In the past year, Michelle Beadle has emerged as one of the most important and independent voices at ESPN. When First Take’s Stephen A. Smith suggested that battered women were guilty of provoking their assailants, it was Beadle who offered the most eloquent and vocal denunciation of Smith’s comments. A relative… »5/02/15 1:03pm5/02/15 1:03pm

Matthew Barnaby Is Suing The Former Miss Buffalo To Get Back A $50,000 Engagement Ring And An SUV

Matthew Barnaby's love life just can't stay out of the penalty box. Less than two years after he was arrested for harassing his ex-wife, the 39-year-old former NHL troublemaker and shitcanned ESPN hockey analyst filed suit this week in the New York State Supreme Court to get back both the $50,000 diamond engagement… »1/31/13 1:55pm1/31/13 1:55pm

Erin Andrews's Contract Is About To Expire, And No One Wants To Hire Her Away From ESPN

Around the time that news of Michelle Beadle's departure leaked, there was (surprise!) a US Weekly report that ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews and Gossip Girl guy Chace Crawford had gone out on a "couple" of dates. There were also a bunch of tweets about how much time Andrews spends with models Brooklyn Decker and… »6/15/12 8:20am6/15/12 8:20am

Michelle Beadle Tweeted A Photo Of Herself In A Bikini Top While Pointing At A Large Penis On A Monkey Statue

She's on vacation, and she's now free of ESPN, and good for her. This was what the new co-host of NBC's Access Hollywood had to say about the photo you see above, which we're presenting without comment: "As I'm under British rule right now, I laugh at your silly American ways. Cuban cigars for everyone!" »6/14/12 6:35pm6/14/12 6:35pm

Michelle Beadle's Final Day At ESPN Included A Licking From Mackerel Jordan

The very first time Deadspin mentioned Michelle Beadle, it was to feature a video of her being eaten by inflatable ZOOperstars mascot Mackerel Jordan. It's fitting, then, her departure from ESPN (a nine minute long staged ceremony that was equal parts sweet and contrived) had her saying goodbyes to ESPN talent,… »6/02/12 9:00am6/02/12 9:00am

5 Important Contracts Set To Expire At ESPN (Or, Why Michelle Beadle Is Probably Done In Bristol)

On Tuesday, we told you that ESPN execs are ready to walk away from Rick Reilly's contract when it expires next year. But what about this year's expiring contracts? Whose time in Bristol might soon be over? We counted at least four ESPN talents—plus Colin Cowherd—whose deals are up this year. Here's a rundown, with… »4/11/12 2:40pm4/11/12 2:40pm

Beadle Blitz: SportsNation Producers Make Michelle Beadle Run Around Like An Idiot For April Fool's Prank

Here is some rare family-friendly hijinks from the ESPN crew. The producers of SportsNation get Michelle Beadle to dress up in a green suit for a fake 3D CGI spot, all in the name of fun. Beadle seems like a good sport about it all but promises revenge all the same. It's just too bad they didn't pull this on Cowherd. »4/01/12 2:31pm4/01/12 2:31pm

The One Where Some Guy Tries To Sell Us Evidence Of Michelle Beadle Flirting With Aaron Rodgers At The ESPYs

Welcome back to Deleted Scenes. This space is now reserved for those scuzz-money entrepreneurs who've unsuccessfully tried to sell us prurient information. This is also where we'll run notable emails we've received from some of our readers. All emails are [sic]'d. Enjoy. »8/08/11 3:35pm8/08/11 3:35pm

Video Of Michelle Beadle, Clay Matthews Strolling To ESPY Party Surfaces; She Still Denies Fucking Him

The video was taken by something called "PopCandies TV" and was sent to us by an anonymous tipster who suggests that it's enough evidence to prove that Beadle and Clay Matthews were somewhat super-friendly that enchanted evening, more so than she let on. It shows Beadle, Matthews and others strolling along the LA… »8/03/11 8:45pm8/03/11 8:45pm

Did Michelle Beadle Tell Aaron Rodgers, "I Just Wanna Get Fucked" After The ESPYs? ESPN Wants To Know

Two weeks ago, after serving as ESPN's show pony during their annual ESPY Awards, Michelle Beadle hit many of the late-night parties around Los Angeles. She readily admits that. After all, she hadn't gone out at all after last year's event. And she even admits that, upon her return from L.A., she was summoned into the… »8/03/11 6:05pm8/03/11 6:05pm

Awaiting the ESPYs, But (Still) Missing Norm MacDonald

It's the Wednesday after the MLB All-Star Game, which means if the Triple-A All-Star Game isn't your bag, your only other "sports" programming option for the evening is the ESPYs. Seth Meyers is hosting, but don't count on the gags to be nearly as subversive as some at the WWL will have you believe. Besides, nothing… »7/13/11 8:30pm7/13/11 8:30pm