Wolf Blitzer Could Only Sum Up Michelle Obama's Speech With An Awkward Baseball Reference

When Michelle Obama's rousing speech at the Democratic National Convention concluded tonight, CNN's Wolf Blitzer was so flummoxed, all he could manage was a bumbling baseball reference that on paper seems fine but, when spoken, came off as if he didn't know, as the words were coming out of his mouth, that a grand… »9/05/12 12:12am9/05/12 12:12am

Why Yes, It Does Look Like A Clemson Coach Had A Michelle Obama Trapper Keeper On The Sidelines

Not sure who. Not sure why. Not sure how. But yes, tipster David S. — who wishes he'd turned his lamp off before photography commenced — is correct in thinking that's an image of First Lady Michelle Obama on an assistant Clemson University football coach's folder last night. »10/16/11 3:30pm10/16/11 3:30pm

Here's A Picture Of Alex Ovechkin With His Arm Draped Over The First Lady's Shoulder

Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals titled this piece of artistry, "With the First Lady!" and posted it on Twitter yesterday. Awesome on so very many levels not the least of which is the availability of $25 cabernet, per the wall-mounted wine list. If this image doesn't warrant lifting the unspoken ban on… »4/02/11 11:00am4/02/11 11:00am