Jackie Chan's American Supercop Is A Clumsy, Breathless Delight 

The Jackie Chan movies that showed up in American multiplexes in the mid-’90s weren’t necessarily the best Jackie Chan movies. They were dubbed and hamfistedly edited, with shitty new music shoehorned in and little in the way of context. But if you happened to be a teenager who didn’t know too much about Hong Kong… »5/08/15 2:01pm5/08/15 2:01pm


The Heroic Trio: A Female-Superhero Classic For Stoners Everywhere

Recently, news circulated that we are finally getting a full movie about a female superhero. It's going to be a spinoff of the current not-great Spider-Man series, and we don't yet know if the female superhero in question is going to be Spider-Woman or Silver Sable or the Black Cat or what. It's a few years off. But… »8/21/14 12:31pm8/21/14 12:31pm