Mickael Pietrus Interrupts NBA TV Segment With Dancing Routine

NBA TV Canada broadcasters Paul Jones and Sherman Hamilton were just trying to get in a few league news and notes before Toronto's losing effort in Cleveland tonight when in came Mickael Pietrus. » 2/27/13 9:30pm 2/27/13 9:30pm

Mickael Pietrus Taken Off Court On Stretcher After Scary Injury In…

It was a rare and terrifying scene during tonight's Celtics-Sixers game as Boston swingman Mickael Pietrus was immobilized and wheeled off on a stretcher after a hard fall directly onto his spine in the second quarter. The incident was reminiscent of T.J. Ford's 2004 injury, as it's an uncommon sight to see a… » 3/23/12 9:31pm 3/23/12 9:31pm