World's Worst Referee ​Takes Phone Call In The Middle Of A Game

Today was the highly anticipated and (in the words of our tipster) "always heated" battle between North Whidbey Middle School and Oak Harbor Middle School in Oak Harbor, Washington. But despite the high stakes of the matchup, one of the referees spent a minute chilling on his phone! C'mon man, these kids didn't… »1/06/15 7:48pm1/06/15 7:48pm

March Madness Strikes Middle School Hoops: Model Parent Beat Assistant Coach Silly For Disciplining His Daughter

This story comes out of Indiana and you know how crazy they go for basketball out there. Shelly Miller was having a presumably typical, non-violent day before he picked up his daughter after basketball practice at St. Stanislaus School. Then his daughter told him a harrowing story of the assistant coach who forced… »3/17/12 5:05pm3/17/12 5:05pm