Duke Basketball Made More Insufferable With Auto-Tuned "Duke Worldwide" Music Video

Midnight Madness took place last weekend. Lots of people do insufferable things during Midnight Madness, and increasingly, they do those insufferable things on camera. This is no longer limited to a drunk sorority girl's iPhone filming from the upper deck, muffled by screams and excited shaking hands, because now… »10/19/11 4:15pm10/19/11 4:15pm


Welcome To Midnight (Or Anytime You Want, Really) Madness

It's that time of year again ... the time when your favorite college basketball program gets you super-pumped up with a glorified pep rally then makes you sit on your hands for three weeks waiting for the big tip off against Marathon Oil. Go team! This institutionalized blue balls is brought to you by the NCAA rule… »10/15/08 1:45pm10/15/08 1:45pm