Adrian Beltre Gets 2,500th Hit, Unwanted Head Touching

Adrian Beltre collected his 2,500th hit in Tuesday night's game against the Tigers. (That's pretty impressive! He's only the seventh third baseman to reach the mark.) Miguel Cabrera was at first base to give him the ball and a quick touch on the head. Beltre, a man who hates having his head touched, did not appreciate… »6/25/14 10:20am6/25/14 10:20am

Okay, So Miguel Cabrera's Contract Is Bad. Just How Bad Is it?

The only thing more predictable than ballplayers signing enormous deals is people complaining about them, so when news of Miguel Cabrera's new eight-year, $248 million contract extension broke, you knew that this sort of thing—it amounts to saying that $248 million is a lot of money—was coming. »3/28/14 2:24pm3/28/14 2:24pm

Miguel Cabrera, AL MVP, again: As expected, the Tigers' third baseman claimed the prize for a second

Miguel Cabrera, AL MVP, again: As expected, the Tigers' third baseman claimed the prize for a second straight year. Cabrera (.348/.442/.636) received 23 of 30 first-place votes. Mike Trout (.323/.432/.557) is your runner-up. He got five first-place votes. Chris Davis and Josh Donaldson got the other two. »11/14/13 6:42pm11/14/13 6:42pm

Miguel Cabrera And Chris Davis Are Chasing History And Each Other

It's July 1, the effective halfway point of the season, so it's time to take notice of what could be the American League's closest and most historic race. Miguel Cabrera has his batting eye on the first ever back-to-back Triple Crowns in baseball history. In his way is Chris Davis, himself right on the pace of a mark… »7/01/13 9:14am7/01/13 9:14am

The Baseball Writers' New VP Pulled The Ol' Switcheroo With His American League MVP Vote [UPDATE]

On September 30, LaVelle E. Neal III, the Twins beat writer for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, wrote an impassioned summation of why Angels super-rookie Mike Trout should be considered the clear favorite for American League MVP. It's short, but it's actually a good, quick defense against the old-school, RBI-enamored… »11/15/12 9:30pm11/15/12 9:30pm