Adrian Beltre Gets 2,500th Hit, Unwanted Head Touching

Adrian Beltre collected his 2,500th hit in Tuesday night's game against the Tigers. (That's pretty impressive! He's only the seventh third baseman to reach the mark.) Miguel Cabrera was at first base to give him the ball and a quick touch on the head. Beltre, a man who hates having his head touched, did not appreciate… » 6/25/14 10:20am 6/25/14 10:20am

Miguel Cabrera Touches Adrian Beltre's Head; Beltre Flips Out

Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre hates when anyone touches his head. When someone touches his head, a switch flips, and he gets so angry. He's always been like this, and it's always been hilarious. So, when Miguel Cabrera touched his head during a break in play last night, Beltre was unsurprisingly pissed. » 5/24/14 10:00am 5/24/14 10:00am

Austin Jackson Can't Comprehend The Greatness Of Miguel Cabrera

This is Miguel Cabrera celebrating his three-run go-ahead homer in the top of the ninth to put the Tigers up 3-1 on the Orioles. Austin Jackson can't fathom what Miggy just did to that baseball. » 5/13/14 10:33pm 5/13/14 10:33pm

This Is The Worst Baseball Column

This has to be a joke, it just has to be. Either it's a joke, or the The Batavia Daily News mistakenly published a Scott DeSmit article on sabermetrics from 2003. There can be no other explanation for this lede: "[c]omputers have ruined baseball and 'Sports Illustrated.'" » 4/14/14 9:21pm 4/14/14 9:21pm

Okay, So Miguel Cabrera's Contract Is Bad. Just How Bad Is it?

The only thing more predictable than ballplayers signing enormous deals is people complaining about them, so when news of Miguel Cabrera's new eight-year, $248 million contract extension broke, you knew that this sort of thing—it amounts to saying that $248 million is a lot of money—was coming. » 3/28/14 2:23pm 3/28/14 2:23pm

Detroit Is Trading Prince Fielder To Texas For Ian Kinsler

Everyone is now reporting that the Tigers have traded slugger first baseman (and, didjaknow, baseball's reigning Iron Man?) Prince Fielder to the Rangers for second baseman Ian Kinsler. » 11/20/13 10:50pm 11/20/13 10:50pm

Miguel Cabrera, AL MVP, again: As expected, the Tigers' third baseman claimed the prize for a second straight year. Cabrera (.348/.442/.636) received 23 of 30 first-place votes. Mike Trout (.323/.432/.557) is your runner-up. He got five first-place votes. Chris Davis and Josh Donaldson got the other two. » 11/14/13 6:42pm 11/14/13 6:42pm

Miguel Cabrera Ejected Mid-At-Bat In First Inning

This is ridiculous. Whatever your thoughts on decorum in baseball or whatever, one of the games best players should not be getting thrown out of the game in the first inning. Maybe if he spit on the ump. Maybe. » 9/09/13 8:35pm 9/09/13 8:35pm

ESPN Clumsily Promotes Miguel Cabrera As Lefty With Botched Photoshop

Eagle-eyed reader Dan spotted this during last night's SportsCenter, during which the WWL promoted highlights of the Nats-Tigers game with this graphic of Stephen Strasburg and Miguel Cabrera. Notice anything wrong? ESPN magically turned the league's best hitter into a lefty. » 7/31/13 10:12am 7/31/13 10:12am

Miguel Cabrera Tries To Force-Feed One Of His Teammates

A sore hip flexor kept Miguel Cabrera out of the Tigers' lineup last night, so he had to find other ways to keep himself entertained. Did he read a book? Bust out his iPad? No, he tried to shove a cookie into Brayan Pena's mouth. » 7/24/13 9:42am 7/24/13 9:42am

Chris Davis Hits Record-Tying Home Run

Chris Davis hit another home run Sunday, his fourth in as many days. He now has 37 on the season, which leads the league and ties Reggie Jackson's record for most home runs before the All-Star break. » 7/14/13 3:24pm 7/14/13 3:24pm

Miguel Cabrera And Chris Davis Are Chasing History And Each Other

It's July 1, the effective halfway point of the season, so it's time to take notice of what could be the American League's closest and most historic race. Miguel Cabrera has his batting eye on the first ever back-to-back Triple Crowns in baseball history. In his way is Chris Davis, himself right on the pace of a mark… » 7/01/13 9:14am 7/01/13 9:14am

Miguel Cabrera Hit A Home Run Into The Ray Tank In St. Pete

A few hours after Fernando Rodney gave Miguel Cabrera a dose of some sweet chin music in the 10th inning Saturday night, Miggy deposited this solo sh0t into the Rays Tank at Tropicana Field Sunday afternoon. It leveled the score at 1-1 in the fourth inning Sunday. » 6/30/13 3:24pm 6/30/13 3:24pm

Mitch Albom Is The Meat In Baseball's Dumbfuck Stew

I'm gonna preface all this by telling you that I don't really watch baseball, nor do I particularly care who won the AL MVP award. But the beauty of reading a terrible Mitch Albom column is that you don't HAVE to know much about anything, because Mitch will always deliberately know less than you. Mitch writes for a… » 11/16/12 1:45pm 11/16/12 1:45pm

The Baseball Writers' New VP Pulled The Ol' Switcheroo With His…

On September 30, LaVelle E. Neal III, the Twins beat writer for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, wrote an impassioned summation of why Angels super-rookie Mike Trout should be considered the clear favorite for American League MVP. It's short, but it's actually a good, quick defense against the old-school, RBI-enamored… » 11/15/12 9:30pm 11/15/12 9:30pm

Eat It, Nerds: Miguel Cabrera Won The American League MVP, And It…

Miguel Cabrera, the Detroit Tigers' big third baseman, hit for the triple crown—.330 batting average, 44 home runs, 139 RBI—in 2012. His triple crown was baseball's first since Carl Yastrzemski's in 1967. Impressive! But it probably wasn't the league's best offensive season, and it assuredly wasn't its best overall… » 11/15/12 7:09pm 11/15/12 7:09pm

Finally, Next Media Animation Weighs In On The World Series.

Finally, Next Media Animation weighs in on the World Series. If you didn't catch this year's Fall Classic-and, if you're reading these words, there's a good chance you didn't-or if you immediately forgot everything that happened during the Series-and, all things considered, there's a good chance you did-Next Media… » 11/03/12 9:01am 11/03/12 9:01am

Sergio Romo Struck Out Miguel Cabrera With The Ballsiest Pitch Of The…

When Sergio Romo sealed his team's World Series victory with a strikeout of Miguel Cabrera, it was hard not to wonder what the hell Cabrera was thinking. On a 2-2 count, he watched an 89-mph fastball sail right over the middle of the plate, his season ending with his bat on his shoulder. Wainwright buckling Beltran… » 10/29/12 11:23am 10/29/12 11:23am

Phil Coke's Story About Striking Out Miguel Cabrera Is Hilarious

Phil Coke jumped squarely into the postseason spotlight when he took over as the Tigers' closer during the ALCS. His newfound notoriety earned him an interview on the MLB Network's Intentional Talk last week, and he took the opportunity to tell a story about having to remind Miguel Cabrera that he had struck Cabrera… » 10/26/12 12:21pm 10/26/12 12:21pm

Venezuelan Man Is Good At Baseball, BBC Is Shocked To Report

The BBC headline (above) describes Miguel Cabrera's triple crown in just about the most British way possible. Despite Venezuelans playing in Major League Baseball since 1939, and Venezuela's finishing ahead of the U.S. in the last World Baseball Classic, Cabrera still gets treated like a gold-medaling Jamaican… » 10/04/12 4:20pm 10/04/12 4:20pm