Chris "Mad Dog" Russo Is Finally Free To Become The Big, Big Star He Always Wanted To Be

Fans of the " Mike and The Mad Dog Show" probably saw this coming months ago, but after all that speculation, it finally happened late yesterday: After 20 years partnered with Mike Francesa, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo's nasal, New Yawkishness has left the building. Francesa will remain in his current role as 1-6:30… »8/15/08 9:45am8/15/08 9:45am

Morning Blogdome: Hiroki Kuroda Gets Rattled By The Rush

Domo arigato Hiroki Kuroda: Almost perfect. But, alas, the Dodgers' rookie pitcher gave up one hit, 0 BBs, on the way to a 3-0 victory over the Atlanta Braves last night. Says a starstruck Joe Torre: "That was about as machine and robotic as you've ever seen a pitcher throw one strike after another." [Blue Notes] »7/08/08 10:15am7/08/08 10:15am