The Comeback Pig: Marv Albert, And How To Survive Any Sex Scandal

This month, Marv Albert celebrated his 70th birthday and joined the NFL on CBS. He announced he would leave his gig calling Nets games for the YES Network—he wouldn't have the time. The CBS job "wasn't something I was looking for," Albert said. Marv, at 70, is sports' most sought-after voice, so much so that he's… »6/27/11 1:20pm6/27/11 1:20pm


A Quick Note On Those "Whoever Wins Game 3 Wins The Series" People

During the closing minutes of Heat-Mavs last night, Mike Breen said that the game would go "a long way towards determining who wins the series." That statement, while unnecessary, was at least true. I'd like to talk about the stat that can appear in any game of any playoff series: that the team that wins Game X wins… »6/06/11 4:40pm6/06/11 4:40pm