Mike D'Antoni Is Delighted To Hear Kobe Was Live-Tweeting The Game

So, this super-fun and interesting Kobe-Bryant-live-tweeting-the-game experience has sort of become a thing. ABC was routinely showing his tweets on the screen. After the game, both ESPN desks—the bootleg one with Kurt Rambis and the real one with Wilbon, Magic et al.—were discussing whether Kobe should be tweeting… »4/21/13 7:01pm4/21/13 7:01pm

The Lakers Want To Increase Kobe Bryant's Defensive Role, Will Probably End Up Killing Him

The good news for the Lakers is that they ended their six-game losing streak on Sunday by defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers 113-93 in Dwight Howard's first game back from injury. The bad news is that the Lakers still have an uphill climb to the playoffs, and now Mike D'Antoni is looking to increase Kobe Bryant's… »1/15/13 12:10pm1/15/13 12:10pm

The Only Thing Mike D'Antoni Detests More Than His Team's Play Is T.J. Simers' Questions

There's probably no other sports reporter/columnist out there who can ingratiate himself so well to a coach as T.J. Simers of the Los Angeles Times, if by "ingratiate" we mean "antagonize coaches coming off a bad loss by uttering outrageous allegations that make them to want to strangle you in front of your peers."… »12/11/12 11:20pm12/11/12 11:20pm

How Phil Jackson's Handshake Deal With The Lakers Fell Apart

I'm not sure we're far enough removed to appreciate what an incredible story this is in the annals of sports: The Lakers turned down Phil Jackson. Someday they'll write a book or make a 30 for 30 about this, and we'll get all the details, but for now we just have to piece together what we know—and that includes,… »11/13/12 10:45am11/13/12 10:45am

The Lakers Found A New Coach In Seven Seconds Or Less: Mike D'Antoni

ESPN's Ramona Shelburne and Marc Stein are reporting that the Los Angeles Lakers have settled on Mike D'Antoni as the team's replacement for Mike Brown. This move is surprising for a few reasons, first among them the fact that D'Antoni is still recovering from knee surgery, and as recently as last week he was… »11/12/12 9:03am11/12/12 9:03am

Just Five Games Into The Season, The Lakers Have Fired Mike Brown

Well, this is strange. USA Today is reporting that the Los Angeles Lakers have fired Mike Brown. Sure, the Lakers have struggled to begin the season—but it's five games of 82! That's the equivalent of one game in an NFL season. And Brown's task was not easy, either: He had to integrate Steve Nash (who has only played… »11/09/12 1:32pm11/09/12 1:32pm

Linsanity Was Unbelievable; Carmelodrama Is Just Incomprehensible

There was no Knicks game last night. But the Knicks—the doomed, imploding Knicks—are today's big sports news in New York, even if Carmelo Anthony hasn't really requested a trade, even if Mike D'Antoni is secure in his coaching job*, even if the last game the team played was a tight road loss in Chicago, where the home… »3/14/12 2:00pm3/14/12 2:00pm