Mike Golic's Appearance On Dan Patrick's Radio Show Will Not Get Him…

Yesterday morning, while on set in Miami, Dan Patrick half-jokingly invited ESPN's Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg to come on to his show. Greenberg declined, but Golic gleefully obliged. Technically, ESPN personalities are forbidden from appearing on competing shows. CHAOS. » 2/03/10 2:00pm 2/03/10 2:00pm

What Is This Slumbering, Slobbery Beast Asleep On The Floor?

It's a Mike Golic. The "Mike and Mike" show now has its own website and is running daily photo caption contests for their listeners and ESPN readers. (No Facebook direct connectedness is available. Yet.) The comments have so far been predictably ESPN commenter-like. Observe: » 12/10/08 6:30pm 12/10/08 6:30pm

Mike Greenberg's Intelligence Is Compromised By Mike Golic's Chronic…

Mike Greenberg, the well-manicured, impish half of " Mike And Mike In The Morning » 9/16/08 2:15pm 9/16/08 2:15pm" was interviewed by Dan Levy on his show and was asked if the show is"dumbed down" to cater to the average sports fan. Greenberg would never undermine or insult his audience like that, but he did take his usual potshot at co-host and…

Mike And Mike Can Blow Up The Internet With One Sentence

What on earth could have possibly driven the ESPN duo Mike And Mike (or greenberg golic ESPN) to the "On Fire" setting on Google trends earlier this afternoon? I saw this earlier today and thought something preposterous happened on-air this morning, like Golic attacked Greenberg with a mallet. But apparently it… » 7/29/08 6:00pm 7/29/08 6:00pm

Apparently, They Didn't Want To Make Golic ANGRY

On Thursday, we casually mentioned that "Mike And Mike In The Morning"'s Mike Golic admitted to taking steroids on his show. (Well, not while doing his show. You know what we mean.) Co-host Mike Greenberg did a "moving right along!" dipsey-do, and no one would have noticed it if hadn't been for those damned bloggers.… » 11/12/07 4:00pm 11/12/07 4:00pm

Mike Golic Suffering From Peter Pan Salmonella

So here's something bizarre and sad. You know that salmonella outbreak that has been tied to Peter Pan peanut butter? (And, to a lesser extend, Wal-Mart's "Great Value" house brand?) It hasn't caused any deaths yet, but almost 300 people in 39 states have fallen ill from it. » 2/16/07 11:45am 2/16/07 11:45am

Fun With Mike And Mike's Wedding Thing

We don't want to get stuck in Kick ESPN mode today, but we've been thinking more and more about this "Mike and Mike in the Morning" radio wedding thing, and we think it might be the most insane thing we've seen in many a moon. We can't get our minds around it. We're not sure what we think is craziest. Is it that you… » 2/08/06 11:30am 2/08/06 11:30am

How To Guarantee A Quick Divorce

When we heard that the "Mike and Mike In The Morning" ESPN radio show was doing some sort of wedding special, we thought, "Jeez, about time! Now we can finally answer the question: Which one is Jack, and which on is Ennis?" » 2/07/06 10:30am 2/07/06 10:30am