OK State QB Clint Chelf's Brother Not Happy With Mike Gundy

The plan going into today's game against Mississippi State was for Clint Chelf to start at quarterback and share significant time with J.W. Walsh. When the dust settled after OK State's 21-3 win, Chelf finished 3-6 for 11 yards while Walsh was 18-27 for 125 yards with a rushing TD. » 8/31/13 7:33pm 8/31/13 7:33pm

Deadspin's Sign of the Apocalypse

It was with no small degree of concern that Deadspin noted the lack of a Sign of the Apocalypse in this week's Sports Illustrated. Until August, the magazine had been chronicling the demise of Western civilization via sports news of the weird at least as far back as 1993, when it noted that "David Carradine, years older … » 9/08/12 2:45pm 9/08/12 2:45pm

The Savannah State Athletic Director Sure Does Hate His Football Team

Or least that's the way it looks in the short-term. Partly as an investment in the future, Savannah State has offered itself up as a cupcake to far better teams this season, and has proven itself thus far a rich, artisanal cupcake, with delicate pink frosting and cinnamon accents. The program's first loss of the… » 9/08/12 9:15am 9/08/12 9:15am

College Football Roundup: Carnage Came and Carnage Conquered

For those of you who emailed and asked whether the bearded guy in the orange shirt on the sideline at UT-Georgia was me. Yep, it was. There's a refined sense of pleasure in being a fan and watching your team suffer a drubbing from the sideline. I think I spoke about five words the entire game because I was afraid of… » 10/13/08 1:00pm 10/13/08 1:00pm