Mike Holmgren "Has No Idea" Where Cowboys Rumor Came From, When It Was Obviously His Agent

Big CBS exclusive yesterday: Mike Holmgren, who's going to be let go in Cleveland at the end of the season if not earlier, is going to be very picky about his next stop. But if there's an opening, he'd love to coach in Dallas. This according to "some sources who know Holmgren well." »11/12/12 6:30pm11/12/12 6:30pm


Mike Holmgren Weighs In On The Santa Cruz Dog-Ban Issue

The 35-year-old ban on dogs in downtown Santa Cruz could come to an end next week. Dog owners have money, and the business owners want it. Asked a leading are-you-surprised-there's-a-ban question by KSBW's Phil Gomez, Mike Holmgren of Scotts Valley said, "I'm a little surprised. I didn't know that, and we have a dog.… »7/08/11 12:30am7/08/11 12:30am