Johnny Cueto Celebrates Win By Flicking Mike Leake's Crotch

As today's Reds-Pirates game went final, Johnny Cueto earned his 16th victory of the season. To celebrate, he flicked Mike Leake's balls. Leake definitely felt it. Good game, everyone. » 8/31/14 5:53pm 8/31/14 5:53pm

Reds Pitcher Mike Leake Allegedly Tries To Make Off With $59.88 In…

Well, this is kind of silly. Mike Leake, he who brought you so much delight in the first half of your NL-only fantasy league last year, with his mediocre stuff and good luck, was booked today by the Cincinnati police on misdemeanor theft charges. » 4/18/11 4:55pm 4/18/11 4:55pm