McQueary Gambling Allegations Put 19-Year-Old Game In New Light

In 1995, Mike McQueary threw a touchdown late in garbage time of a Penn State blowout over Rutgers. Then-Rutgers coach Doug Graber and Joe Paterno got into a shouting match after the game because Graber thought Paterno was running up the score. The touchdown put the 20-point-favorite Nittany Lions up 59-34. None of… »3/05/14 7:03pm3/05/14 7:03pm


Report: Penn State Whistleblower Mike McQueary Was Abused As A Boy

ESPN The Magazine has a big profile on Mike McQueary, the former Penn State assistant coach who testified to seeing Jerry Sandusky sexually assault a young boy in the shower in 2001. The biggest revelation to come out of the story is that McQueary himself was sexually assaulted as a child, and told a few members of… »3/04/14 5:44pm3/04/14 5:44pm

Witness: Joe Paterno Would Say Jerry Sandusky “Was A Sick Guy”

The preliminary hearing for the three Penn State administrators accused of covering for Jerry Sandusky began this morning in Harrisburg, Pa. Mike McQueary, the former PSU assistant coach who saw Sandusky sexually abusing a boy in a football building shower in 2001, was the first witness. During his testimony, which… »7/29/13 2:17pm7/29/13 2:17pm

Judge Denies Penn State's Motion To Delay Mike McQueary's Whistleblower Lawsuit

In a 14-page ruling issued this morning, Centre County (Pa.) * Senior Judge Thomas G. Gavin said Mike McQueary's whistleblower lawsuit against the Penn State can proceed even with the criminal cases against three university administrators still pending. McQueary is the former Penn State football assistant coach who… »12/20/12 1:20pm12/20/12 1:20pm

Sandusky's Unidentified Shower Victim: Not Unidentified, Initially Denied Shower Abuse

Since Jerry Sandusky was first charged as a serial child molester last November, the prosecution has claimed that the identity of two of his victims was unknown. That claim was even repeated by prosecutor Joseph McGettigan during last week's sentencing hearing. But according to Sara Ganim of the Patriot-News of… »10/16/12 3:55pm10/16/12 3:55pm

Mike McQueary Has Filed A $4 Million Lawsuit Against Penn State

Mike McQueary, the former Penn State assistant football coach who witnessed Jerry Sandusky touching a boy in the school's football building shower 11 years ago, has filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the university, accusing it of defamation and misrepresentation. He's seeking $4 million plus damages and fees for… »10/02/12 7:10pm10/02/12 7:10pm

Jerry Sandusky's Alleged Penn State Shower Victim Has Been Identified, Lawyers Say

One the great mysteries surrounding the Jerry Sandusky case involved the boy known as Victim 2, the one former Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary says he witnessed Sandusky abusing in a Penn State football building shower on Feb. 9, 2001. It was, of course, McQueary's eyewitness account that entangled several… »7/26/12 12:35pm7/26/12 12:35pm

In Penn State's Last Official Win, Quarterback Mike McQueary Had The Game Of His Life

This morning, the NCAA announced sanctions for Penn State's football program that included vacated wins from 1998 through 2011. That means that the last man to quarterback Penn State to an on-the-books win was none other than Mike McQueary, the man who would bring the phrase "rhythmic slapping sounds" into the public… »7/23/12 3:13pm7/23/12 3:13pm

Juror: Mike McQueary's Testimony Was "Eye-Opening," Led Directly To Convicting Jerry Sandusky

The verdict was close to thorough, but the jury actually cleared Jerry Sandusky of three charges late Friday night. One was the alleged rape of Victim 2, the boy former Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary saw Sandusky assaulting in a Penn State football building shower in 2001. McQueary's grand jury testimony, of… »6/25/12 3:30pm6/25/12 3:30pm

Key Witness In Jerry Sandusky Case Is Worst Witness Ever

Mike McQueary is creating quite a shitshow. McQueary, a former Penn State assistant football coach, provided the testimony that led to perjury charges against two university officials, which, in turn led to the firing of Joe Paterno. Last November, less than two weeks after the grand jury issued its findings, McQueary »5/08/12 11:55am5/08/12 11:55am

Now Someone Has Sent Us A Picture Of What Might Be A Football Shower At Penn State [UPDATE]

We posted a story last week about Deadspin's failure to infiltrate the Penn State football showers where Jerry Sandusky used to shower with boys. A reader later sent us this photo of what his friend says are showers in the Lasch Football Building. Exciting, no? The friend is a manager for the Nebraska football team,… »12/19/11 3:55pm12/19/11 3:55pm

Why We Don't Have Any Photos Of The Showers At Penn State

STATE COLLEGE, Pa.—Once the promised spectacle of Jerry Sandusky's scheduled hearing had fallen apart on Tuesday, what was there to do around State College, Pa., but try to get a look at the Nittany Lions' shower room? Dom and I wanted to photograph the scene of the most appallingly detailed of the alleged crimes, in… »12/16/11 5:38pm12/16/11 5:38pm

Penn State Witness Mike McQueary's Testimony: "Some Kind Of Intercourse Was Going On"

Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary testified this morning that he had not used the specific words "sodomy," "rape," or "anal sex" when he first told Penn State athletic director Tim Curley and then-vice president Gary Schultz what he had seen Jerry Sandusky doing to a boy in the football showers on March 1,… »12/16/11 3:15pm12/16/11 3:15pm

Former Penn State Police Chief Testifies That PSU Administrator Never Told Him About 2002 Sandusky Shower Incident

One of the big questions in the Jerry Sandusky case is what the cops knew and when. The "cops" would be the Penn State University police. Those are the cops who investigated Sandusky in 1998 for alleged sexual misconduct. Nothing happened with that case because the district attorney at the time declined to file… »12/16/11 12:40pm12/16/11 12:40pm

Key Witness Says He Told Joe Paterno Jerry Sandusky Did Something "Extremely Sexual In Nature" In Shower With Boy

Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary was the first witness called this morning at the preliminary hearing for Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, which is taking place right now in Harrisburg, Pa. Curley, Penn State's on-leave athletic director, and Schultz, the school's former senior vice president for business and… »12/16/11 10:06am12/16/11 10:06am

Now There's Yet Another Story About What Mike McQueary Said He Saw Jerry Sandusky Doing In The Penn State Showers

The story from Mike McQueary, the Penn State football assistant who allegedly witnessed Jerry Sandusky anally raping a young boy in 2002, came under scrutiny once again over the weekend when a man present for his first account disputed his testimony. The Harrisburg Patriot-News points out that there are now four… »12/12/11 12:25pm12/12/11 12:25pm

Today In Mike McQueary's Snow Globe: Police Have No Records He Talked To Them In 2002

Both the university police and the State College PD deny having any record that Mike McQueary filed a report with them after stumbling upon Jerry Sandusky allegedly raping an as-yet-unidentified boy in a Penn State campus shower in 2002. With that in mind, let's review what we know about McQueary's statements so far: »11/16/11 7:25pm11/16/11 7:25pm