Mike Modano Wonders "Where Is Ronald Reagan?" Followers Inform Him.

Most likely, Mike Modano turned his lonely eyes to Twitter and wistfully pondered where had Ronald Reagan gone. We're going to choose to believe Mike Modano is aware that the former president-turned-conservative-heartthrob has been dead for 10 years and was just making a pseudo-political statement (while also… »7/21/14 9:15pm7/21/14 9:15pm


The Cowboys Took A Swipe At The NHL On Twitter, But The Dallas Stars (Eventually) Gave It Right Back

Hockey's back! (We think.) And no one in Dallas gives a shit! (Which actually might be true.) Ah, but when you've won just one playoff game in 16 years—and counting!—it's probably not a good idea to throw shade at one of your neighbors the way the Dallas Cowboys did on Twitter yesterday morning: »1/08/13 11:50am1/08/13 11:50am