Mike Napoli Stumbles Around The Streets Of Boston

Here we observe Mike Napoli lumbering around on the sidewalk, shirtless and without a care in the world. The resolution's shitty, but the beard is a dead giveaway. Someone yells at him to put his shirt on, as if he has a spare shirt in his pocket. The Napoli grumbles and turns around. But there is no beer here,… » 11/03/13 2:13pm 11/03/13 2:13pm

Here's Mike Napoli's Grotesque Ankle Injury, Slowed Down To A…

A fourth-inning mishap Thursday night found Texas Rangers catcher Mike Napoli's ankle—and the viewing audience's stomach—turned. So here it is, in super-slow-mo and set to The Mountain Goats' "Orange Ball Of Pain" in the first of what I'll unimaginatively call "Deadspin Videos." (They were previously done here and … » 10/27/11 9:56pm 10/27/11 9:56pm