Go Read This Story About The Torment Of Sportswriter Mike Penner As…

Christopher Goffard of the LA Times appears to have pulled together the most honest account of the final years of former sportswriter Mike Penner's haunted life were like when he struggled to find his identity as Christine Daniels. » 3/27/10 6:25pm 3/27/10 6:25pm

BREAKING: Rick Reilly® Writes Decent, Heartfelt Column

It's about his friend, the late Mike Penner/Christine Daniels: "My wife, Cynthia, became her gender tour guide. ... Where to buy shoes online, what the new hormone pills would do to her, the trick of lingerie." [ESPN The Periodical] » 1/13/10 5:00pm 1/13/10 5:00pm

Mike Penner Remembered, As He Should Be: A Journalist

Do yourself a favor and read the Times' obituary of Mike Penner. A sad end for someone so obviously conflicted about their life. [LA Times] » 11/29/09 5:00pm 11/29/09 5:00pm

LA Times Sports Writer Chooses Not to Lop Off Penis; Paper is Thrilled

LA Times » 10/21/08 5:45pm 10/21/08 5:45pm sports writer Mike Penner made national news last year when he wrote his "" column about his life as a transsexual and his decision to undergo surgery so he could become "Christine Daniels" for the rest of his journalism career. Well, just like a fickle woman, Mike changed his mind. According to via ,…